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NewAve Sourcing

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Helping you source and import directly from China




Why China

No matter what industry are you in, we know that you are determined to be competitive and are eager to cut costs as much as possible without sacrificing quality. After carefully research, China, the most impressive marketplace of the current global stage presents a great sourcing opportunity that is attractive to western businesses. Being named as the “factory of the world”, it offers:

  • A chance to find products of all kinds from raw materials to processed products and manufactured items.
  • A price/quality ratio that is difficult to beat
  • A strong infrastructure of transportation, telecommunications and ports.

And it is going to stay this way for a long time.



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Why us

Although it is appealing to source from China, it can be also prove challenging to conduct business in China, from finding the right supplier, to the manufacturing of your desired product and to eventually deliver final products to your warehouse. NewAve Sourcing possesses extensive experience and expertise in China sourcing, strong local network, profound market knowledge and cross-cultural competence. Our flexible and tailored sourcing solutions will help you employ the best practice in China, streamline offshore procurement process, reduce purchasing expense and improve cost and time effectiveness and efficiency.

Sourcing from China offers you a chance to reduce costs and working with NewAve Sourcing will take the hassle out of dealing with Chinese companies. We consider your business to be ours and we are dedicated to your success.